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    1.1 If you need to have your commission delivered quickly, you can choose to enter the priority queue, paying for this delivery method, your commission will be transferred to the next placement in the queue.

    1.2 If there's a commission in progress, this commission will be finished and we will start yours. If there are more orders in the priority queue, your order will be placed after them.

    1.3 When we start working on the commission, we'll do everything to deliver it as fast as possible, so it is necessary that when entering this queue you are available to respond quickly.

    1.4 50% of the total price of your project will be charged for your order to be placed in the priority queue.

    1.5 To join the priority queue we require full payment before we start working on the commission, this will include the total project price with rush and PayPal fees.



    2.1 Payment is made only through PayPal, 50% of the total price being paid before entering the waitlist and 50% after we finish it. If you prefer, you can pay the full amount before before entering the waitlist.

To join the queue, you must have the total amount of your project already available for payment.

    2.2 Joining the waitlist, we request an initial payment of 50% of the project total price, which is non-refundable. This measure is taken because we are exclusively reserving a spot for you in the queue, a space that cannot be promptly replaced by another client. This approach aims to ensure the full commitment of our time and resources to prioritize and serve your needs efficiently.



    3.1 When placing an order with us, it is necessary that you have all the ideas you want to apply to your project in mind. References are super valid! The clearer the idea, the better and more easily we will be able to achieve what you want.

    3.2 We allow you to provide references of other artists you admire, but please understand that we only work with styles showcased in our portfolio, without exceptions. If you expect a different style, it's best to seek another professional, as our commitment lies in the consistency of our work. Please, understand and respect our style.

    3.3 Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, threats, impoliteness, abuse and harassment will not be tolerated, as we always try to serve everyone with total joy and commitment, we hope that you will also treat us well. If there's any situation that makes us uncomfortable, we are completely free to cancel the order.



    4.1 We have the full right to use the artwork produced as exclusive material for our portfolio, for our promotion campaigns and content creation.

    4.2 Buyer is not allowed in any way to: edit, trace, copy, resell or redistribute any of our products.

    4.3 If it is your turn in the queue and you do not respond within a period of 10 days, your name will be removed from the list without prior notice and no refunds.

    4.4 If you want to keep your commission confidential until a specific date, this must be mentioned when entering the waitlist, otherwise, we can post wip's of your project and also the finished one as promotional material for our work.



    5.1 We have our own style and we don't change anything that compromises it's identity, meaning that we will not make a design that we are not comfortable with. Please feel free to take a look at our portfolio or ask for more examples to understand our style.

    5.2 After approval of the first artwork that presents the colors of the project, a fee will be charged if you want to change the colors later.

    5.3 After approval of any of the designs no changes are made, so it’s extremely important that you review every detail before approving. If you later want to change something approved, you will be charged a fee determined by us according to the complexity of this change.

    5.4 All artworks (except animations) have up to two free revisions available or you can choose once to create another idea in case you don't like it at all, where we will delete the previous one and it will not be possible to return to it. Once the idea is fully approved, no further changes can be made.

    5.5 For extra revisions, keep in mind that you will only receive the item with the added revisions. Prices may vary depending on the difficulty of it, reviewed by us.



    6.1 Depending on your position on the waitlist, your order may be delayed by up to two weeks. Please be aware of this and if you have any deadlines, let us know when you first contact us.

    6.2 Once we start your order, it can take from two weeks to a month to complete it, depending on the complexity and quantity of items commissioned.

    6.3 Keep calm, making a project takes time! If there's no answer from us quickly, do not despair, we are working on your project and looking for the best way to make it perfect for you, and we will always return with updates!

    6.4 We do not send editable project files, we only send finished files in their respective formats such as: PNG, JPG, WEBM, MP4.

    6.5 If you need an editable file, a fee of $5 per file will be charged. Please keep in mind that we only send editable files in PSD format (we do not send animated designs as editable file) and in these files it is only possible to change necessary information.

    6.6 None of our designs includes any kind of animation or illustrations, if you want an illustration it must be provided by you and if you want animation you must add it to the commission and pay separately for them.

    6.7 After delivery of the commission, please make sure to save your files properly! We are not responsible for the loss of files, if you do not find the files or the email sent with them, we do not guarantee that they will be sent again as we always delete the oldest projects.



    7.1 Our alerts are coded only through Streamlabs website only, be aware that it is necessary for you to use these widgets through it.

    7.2 We are not responsible for problems that occur due to the customer changing the codes provided. If any changes to the codes made by the customer are found, we will not offer support to resolve this.

    7.3 Our alerts are divided into four stages: layout assembly, animation sketch, animation and coding. After approval of one of the stages, it is not possible to change things related to the previous stage.

    7.4 The animated items by default are up to 10 seconds long, creating a perfect loop, that being said, we don't work with animations that exceed that time.

    7.5 All animations are done by default at 30fps and the resolution used for videos and transitions is 1920x1080. If a configuration other than this is necessary, it will be the customer's responsibility to inform this before we start the order, and it is not possible to change them in any way later.

    7.6 Some animations can slightly affect the sharpness of the file, causing a slight blur effect on the video. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for this, as it is required in some animations and is also barely noticeable.

    7.7 The transitions have a maximum time of 6 seconds, and if an idea is shown at the beginning and the customer wants changes that are not part of that idea, a fee will be charged referring to the difficulty of the revision.


    8.1 Our chats have only been tested on Windows OS and Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera GX browsers, so if you use any other software that is not one of those listed, keep in mind that the chat may not work properly and I can't offer any support for that!

    8.2 Please note that the chat installation is done only and exclusively via the Streamlabs website, meaning that the codes will only work if applied there.

    8.3 Our chat codes are also compatible for YouTube, but keep in mind that many features are not yet available there, such as role customization and pronouns. I also do not offer technical support for issues the platform has with Streamlabs, such as lag, delay, global emotes not showing up, super chats, etc.

    8.4 Most of our chat designs have a fixed width, so please specify this along with your references in our first contact if you want this to be flexible.

    8.5 We don't do any chats that display users' profile picture, please protect yourself from tendentious people and misuse of inappropriate photos to avoid ban on platforms!

    8.6 If your idea requires very specific and detailed illustrations or icons, the buyer will need to send the artwork to be used.

    8.7 We only use fonts that are freely available through the Google Fonts website for all chats, so if you would like a more personalized font keep in mind that we will have to find a similar one on the website.


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